Eloquent Dua for protection from Evil Eye

Aslam Walaikum! Let me tell you about Dua for protection from an evil eye. In our local language, it is called ”Nazar”. In many cases, we have seen that sometimes without negative intentions evil eye can affect their life without knowing others.

Meaning of Evil Eye: – The Evil Eye is a supernatural belief in a curse brought about by a malevolent glare, usually inspired by envy. A person can harm everything with an evil eye. If a person likes something with jealous then the evil eye definitely will affect their physical, mental, and financial.

The Arabic term for the evil eye is    ” Al-Ayn” in the holy Quran. It is scary and negatively impacts someone’s life. The verse of Evil Eye is “Verse 51 and 52 of Al-Qalam in the Quran.

Dua to save from Evil Eye

In Islam, Dua is very powerful to get rid of black magic. You must recite this Dua as it is suggested: –

  1. women should never perform this dua during their periods.
  2. Before reading the dua, make sure that you are clean and have positive thoughts in your mind.
  3. The place should be kept quiet for reciting Dua.
  4. Start with prayers in your own words and praise ALLAH.
  5. NIYYAH: make a sincere intention in your heart to seek protection from the evil eye.
  6. Recite AYAT AL-KURSI 3 times a day.
  7. After reciting, blow lightly over your hands and then pass your hands over your face and body.
  8. Every morning recite these verses for continuous protection.

Dua to protect from jealousy

  1. In the Quran, there are many powerful Surah which will help you to reduce the effect of the evil eye. Let me tell you some powerful surah.

The Surah Al Fatiha is one of the most powerful prayers to read against evil eyes.

” Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar- Raheem, Al Hamdu Lil LaahiRabbil’Al Ameen.

  1. Recite Surah Al-Falaq Surah An-Nas before going to sleep. It protects you from evil persisting while you sleeping.

” May Allah protect us from the evil, devil and all harmful things and envy eyes.”

recite this Dua and seek protection from Allah. This Dua can be recited twice a day in the morning and at night.

  1. After reciting this dua for nazar, you can blow your breath over the water and then drink it.
  2. The Manzil dua to remove the evil eye is a long dua but it is beneficial for you and will solve your problems as soon. If you recite this Dua every day, you will see the effects of Dua. It is a completely Halal prayer to read as it consists of many verses from the Holy Quran.

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Recommend points

Recite, write, and fasten, “Surah Hamd, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, Surah Tawheed, Ayatul Kusri.”

Evil eye and black magic if you ever feel in your life then this dua will help you. Sometimes you can’t imagine how much the evil eye can affect your life. Allah has ultimate power over all things and he will protect his followers. Therefore, it is important to remember that Allah is the only source of strength and refuge.

O Allah, you are my Lord, there is no God but You. In You I Trust, and You are the Lord of the Mighty Throne. There is no might nor power except with Allah, The Most High, the Mighty.

Sufficient for me is Allah, and the best Protector whatever Allah has willed was and whatever He did not will, was not. I witness that Allah is supreme over all things and that Allah observes everything.

He has numbered everything in numbers”.

“O Allah I owe to you.”

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