Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal

if you are finding a way to get a marriage proposal soon. let me introduce the right place if you perform this dua, marriage proposal issues will be resolved, immediately.

If you are a girl who does not get good marriage proposals, you recite dua, every morning. Moreover, partners can also read this dua to their children.

  • Make Wudu And Sit in a quiet room.
  • In Ruku’s position, Recite “Tasbeeh e Janab e Fatima.”
  • Read Surah Yasin, then recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Finally, recite this tested dua 213 Times:


You should perform this dua for three weeks continuously without missing one day. You will get good results within this period.

Islamic Dream Marriage Proposal

Dreams about someone proposing to you can symbolize a desire for commitment, partnership, or a significant change in your personal life.

In Islam, the engagement is termed as KHITBAH. The marriage proposal can be sent from a man’s side as well as from the woman’s side to the person they want to marry.

In Islamic society, there are many rituals and traditions like gathering close family and friends to celebrate the occasion. This can create a positive environment.

Recite a relevant Quranic verse or dua that signifies the importance of marriage and seeking Allah’s blessing. The holy book Quran mentions the cultural and religious traditions that are meaningful and inevitable for you and your partner. Allah always blesses success in marriage.

Which Dua Is Used To Get A Marriage Proposal

let me tell you the complete process of performing the Dua for an immediate marriage proposal step by step:

  1. First, keep in mind that you must do this dua after reciting the Fajr namaz.
  2. After that recite Wuzu and sit in a quiet place, recite Surah Ya Sin 11 times.
  3. Then you have recited to Durood Sharif 33 times.
  4. At the end recite ” ALLAHU RABBI LAA SHAREEKA-LAAH” 101 times.

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal Acceptance

If you are facing any barriers to a marriage proposal you should follow this Wazifa as mentioned below:

  1. Recite this wazifa while facing the Qibla, the Islamic holy direction.
  2. First of all, wear a white dress and read
  3. After that, you must read Durood e Shareef.
  4. Recite ”Salatul Hajat Wazifa” while drinking five large sips of Zamzam. It will help you to speed up the process of getting married.
  5. If you want results soon then you should do this procedure twice every two Fridays while maintaining entire confidence in Allah.

Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal For Girl And Boy

Marriage is a big achievement in the life. It is all about finding your perfect partner and living happily with them.

Many people face the problem of their marriage proposal not getting immediate acceptance. There are many reasons behind this situation. I am going to tell you a perfect way to come out of this situation. You should try this Wazifa.

  1. Wear clean white clothes after reciting
  2. Sit quietly, pray with concentration and face the
  3. Recite DUROOD SHAREEF 13 times followed by a specific verse of SURAH AL- LKHLAS.
  4. The verse from Surah Al Lkhlas is ” LAM YAILD WA LAM YOOLAD WA LAM YAKUL LAHOO KUFUWAN AHAD.”

If you want the best results soon then you should perform it every Friday.




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