Impressive Dua To Get Love Back From Qurani Methord

You will get someone back in your life with the help of Dua which is given in the holy book Quran. We will guide you through the whole process of this Dua. I believe that Dua is helpful for you. I did this dua for 31 days to continue and get my lover back in my life.

Losing someone is easy and it is a common problem for everyone. There are a lot of reasons like trust issues, faith, society, or parent’s denial of the relationship. Even though, sometimes misunderstandings make relationships worse. Dua will show you the right direction and make you fully confidence. All negativity will be far away from you when you start doing this dua.

Repeat this dua 371 times every day ‘’ Hasbunallahuu waa la namal wakel Qwata Illa Baillahil Wa Naseer’’.

  • Repeat the following 5 Tashbih.
  • Allahu Akbar for 93 times in a day.
  • Alhamdulillah 74 times in a day.
  • Subhanallah for 71 times in a day.
  • Laallaha Illallah for 93 times in a day.

What is Dua For People Who Lost Someone

Here I’m to help you with how can you do this Dua. ‘’ O Allah, forgive him, raise his rank among those who are guided, and take care of those he leaves behind him.

Is there any Islamic prayer to get my ex’s love back?

Yes, it is possible to get your ex’s love back in your life. It is mentioned in the holy book Quran that you have to forgive him and try to start your new chapter of life with him. Get up early in the morning, pray to Allah and do Wudu.

 What is Dua for getting a love ex back?

  • First of all, you should make a fresh wuzu(ablution).
  • After that, you read Durood Lbrahimi 21 times.
  • Recite this verse Qul: hu Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad Lam Yaild Wa Lam yulad wa lam ya kulahu kufuwan Ahad 1000 times.
  • In the end, read again Durood E Lbrahimi 21 times.

What Dua is used for future couples?

There are many Dua’s which is better for every couple. Dua makes your relationship stronger day by day.  Here is the best Dua ‘’ O Allah, you are the loving ( Al Wadud) and the merciful ( Al Rahman).  It means please, Allah put love and mercy in the hearts of this couple for each other. Our creator, strengthen the hearts of the bride and groom with faith and let them enhance in their love and commitment to you.

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