Dua To Get Someone Back In Your Life After Separation

Assalamwalikum, I am going to tell you how can you get back into your life after a breakup. Breakup is really hard for everyone because of the memories and quality time we have spent with lovers. After a breakup, many people do a lot of things to get back love.

How To Perform Dua For Ex Come After Breakup Step By Step

  • First, you should do Wazifa, whenever you want to start it on any day and at any time.
  • You must start it in the state of Ablution.
  • You should keep a photo of your ex in your heart and mind. You must have a pure intention that I am doing this Wazifa to create love in my ex’s heart.
  • After that, you should recite verse number 63 of Surah Anfal 21 times.
  • Wa Allafa Baina Quloobihim. Law Anfaqta Maa Fil Ardi Jamee’am Maa Allafta Baina Quloobihim Wa Lakinn Allah Allafa bainahum. Innahu’ Azeeun Hakeem.
  • At the end, make a prayer for At least 3 Days.

Which Dua Will Get Your Lost Love Back In 7 Days?

Without love our life is nothing. Every person needs a relationship for a better life. This dua helps to get your lost love back just in 7 days. Here is the procedure to perform this dua.

  • You must clean yourself and perform wudu.
  • Then you should choose a prayer spot free of distractions to perform the dua.
  • Recite the dua at least 786 times after the noon prayers.
  • ’Wa Al Qaytu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wali Tusna’aa Alya Aini Iz Tamshi Ukhtuka Fatakulu Hal Adullukum Alaya Man Yakfuluhu Fara Ja Alnaka Ilaya Maika Kayi Takarra Ainuha Wala Tahzana’’.
  • Pray to Allah Tala to change the heart and the mind of the person you love and send them back to you surely you will see results in just 7 days and if you don’t continue doing the dua help to get your lost love back.

Is There A Dua In Islam To Win Back Someone’s Love?

Yes, the dua to win someone’s love back in Islam is as follows, Read Surah An-Nah, verse no. 18 (Dua for love back) 101 times after Esha Prayer.

Insha Allah, you will see the results from the very first day. This dua should be recited with sincerity, humility, and complete trust in Allah’s wisdom.

How Do You Ask Allah For Someone You Love?

  • First of all you should perform obligatory ablution.
  • Perform two raka’at salat.
  • Recite Durood and raise your hands in Dua.
  • Recite the names of Allah, Ya Wadoodo is an effective name to recite for you.
  • Now Ask Allah to ‘’Give me ease.
  • Imagine your lover is praying with you.
  • Make sure you know that our dua will work and get 100% positive results.

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