Dua For Miracle In Love Back

A miracle means something happens in seconds and gets an unexpected result. Dua is accommodating for those people who are really in love with someone and want to do something special. A person can do everything for their true love not just dua but sometimes people also choose the wrong path like black magic.

In Islam black magic is not allowed because in the end gets a much worse and painful life. It can be a temporary solution not permanent. To lead a very beautiful and happy love life to do powerful dua for a miracle in love back.

Dua has most strong power in prayers. Everything is possible after doing this dua and getting your desired result within a short period. But always keep in mind when you start these prayers your intention should be pure and genuine. Allah always stands by your side in every situation.

There are a lot of benefits from this dua and also you will get a peaceful mind.

In Quran– ‘’ The revelation of the Quran is considered by  Muslims to be Muhammad’s greatest miracle and a mirror for all times, unlike the miracles of other prophets, which were confined to being witnessed in their lifetimes.

Dua For Miracle Happen

I am going to tell you about a miracle which is in the Holy book Quran and how can you perform this dua. The world is full of miracles like stars, the moon, the sun and many other natural things.

Always have faith in Allah to create a powerful miracle.

A powerful Dua for miracle happen is from Quran chapter 12, verse 53.’’ Waa maa ubarriu nafsee; innan nafsa la ammaratum bissoo;I illa maa rahimaa rabee; inna rabee ghafoorur raheem.’’

Meaning:-  ‘’ And I do not forgive myself. The soul is a persistent enjoiner of evil, besides those upon whom my lord has mercy. Indeed, my lord is gracious and merciful.

Dua For Miracle Healing

Allahuma rabbi-nas adhhabal ba’sa, ashfi wa entashafi, la shifa’ illa shifa’uka shifa’la yughadiru.

Oh Allah! The sustainer of mankind! Remove the illness, and cure the disease. Remove this pain and cure it, you are the one who cures and no one besides you can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains.

This dream will come true as soon as possible if you want.

Etiquettes Of Your Dua

  1. Start with salawat on the prophet’s saw(Allahummasalli).
  2. Use Allah’s beautiful names to call him.
  3. Praise Allah as he deserves.
  4. Face the
  5. Raise your hands into the position of making dua.
  6. Have faith that your dua will be accepted and Allah will respond one way or another.

This is the perfect dua for a sudden miracle to happen in life when there is no hope. You must recite this dua as follows:-

  1. Perform proper wudu.
  2. Carry tasbeeh in your right hand and recite ‘’ NAMAZ E SHAB’’
  3. Say Takbir, ‘’ Allahu Akbar for 20 times.
  4. Recite surah yusuf verse 53 for 100 times.
  5. Finally, end of the prayer by saying lstighfar and praying to Allah SWT for a miracle.

To get your desireable result you must perform this dua for 21 days. Without skipping any day.

Dua To Get Love Back As A Miracle

In the holy book Quran, it is mentioned that Allah is the only one most powerful and controls everything which is happening in this world. The miracle is a power that Allah creates. A person always has hope for something to get positive after reciting this dua.

’ O Allah! I ask you for help and well-being. O most merciful of those who are merciful! Grant us good health and wellness.’’

This is the powerful dua when you need a miracle in your life then you can recite this dua regularly and Allah will surely answer your prayers.

  • A prayer done to Allah can help a person in every way.
  • If your lover has left you, he or she will come back.
  • It can help a person to make their bond strong day by day.
  • Your relationship will be protected by evil things.
  • Misunderstanding and mistrust will never be there in the relationship.

In 2024 you can get your love back if you perform this dua with this method which is mentioned.

Steps to perform this dua

  1. Find a quite and peaceful place where you can concentrate without any distrubations. This could be your prayer room.
  2. Begin by performing ablution as cleanliness is an important aspect of connecting with the divine.
  3. Recite the following verse from the Quran


  1. After reciting the verse, close your eyes and imagine your relationship being healed filled with love, and a miraculous reunion.
  2. Now, with utmost sincerity and devotion make your heartfelt dua.
  3. Repeat this dua daily, preferably during the early morning or late evening when the atmosphere is calm.

 Dua For Your Soulmate

Soulmate means when two people are connected with a soul. They can communicate at any situation and be honest with each other.

In Islam, there is a powerful dus for your soulmate. You must perform properly.

  1. In the beginning, you must recite 40 of Surah Al-Azab 111 times.
  2. Once again recite Durood Sharif for the 7 times.
  3. In the last, you have to pray to Almighty Allah and ask him to fulfill your wish for a soulmate.

Surah For A Miracle To Happen

Surah Maryam is the 19th chapter of the Holy Quran, and in the Muslim heart, there is a special place for it. This chapter is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus and it is a profound aspect of faith and miracles.

Reciting Surah will also help you to get what you want to achieve. According to Hadith Ayat Al-Kursi is the most powerful surah in the Quran. Chanting Al-Kursi will get you closer to Allah.

‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud: ‘’ Allah has not created in the heavens nor the earth what is more magnificent than Ayat Al-Kursi.’’

A true Muslim puts his words in front of ALLAH only through Dua, and the power of this dua is unexpected.


You must have faith in Allah get up early and do pray regularly. Building wealth and finances around your family can be never-ending. Money is more important in our life. Always remember that Allah will give you everything within 21 days.



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