Effective dua Signs of a Jinn in the House

As-Salamu Alaikum  I hope you all are fine there, and most curious to know about the Jinn and its presence surrounding you and your family. As we know a thing has two sides one is positive and one is negative. Similar to the Islamic religion jinn is considered as part of gloom, unhappiness, tragedies, worse times, and all of the sudden loss of something and someone. However, some refer to good jinn also those who help mankind.

Meaning of Jinn

Let me give a brief about Jinn so that you can easily understand. The word jinn is frequently used in the Holy Quran and Ahadith.

It means something that remains hidden, whether it is hidden owing to its form or its behavior.

“And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.” (55:15).

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said, “They (the Jinn) will play with the flame Their existence is mentioned in many parts of the Quran, and a surah named after them is called the Surah al-Jinn.

What Are The Signs Of Jinn In The House?

If you begin to observe that things are not right in your household, you should begin to find out the reasons. Some stories have some common symptoms of jinn in their house.

  1. Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis: Jinn may possess dreams, leading to nightmares, especially in children, and one can also cause sleep paralysis.
  2. Strange Occurrences: Look out for small stones thrown inside the House, doors slamming, or unexplained fires inside the House may also indicate Jinn’s possession.
  3. Whispers and Strange Noises: Jinn can imitate human voices, so it might be the Jinn if you hear whispers when no one else is around.
  4. Feeling Unwell: Constant feelings of sickness, headaches, fatigue, anger, or sensing something unnatural might be physical symptoms caused by Jinn.
  5. Unexplained Voices and Family Conflicts: Hearing voices, sensing someone following you, or experiencing frequent fights among family members could be due to Jinn’s influence.
  6. Darkness and Weird Smells: Pay attention to dark corners in your home with strange odors, which might indicate jinn activity.
  7. Surrounded by Negative Emotions: Feeling constantly depressed, lonely, or suffocated can be related to Jinn’s interference.
  8. Obstacles in Religious Practices: Jinn might obstruct offering prayers or engaging in other halal deeds.
  9. Engaging in Haram Acts: Finding yourself frequently engaging in forbidden actions (haram) without intending to might be influenced by Jinn.
  10. Extreme Cases: In more severe instances, Jinn might cause miscarriages and premature deaths of infants. They could manifest as unusual animals like black snakes, dogs, spiders, or lizards.

What Are Jinns Attracted To

Jinns are attracted by varied things like

  • Beauty
  • Perfume
  • Darkness
  • Graveyard
  • Fearful people,
  • Long hairs
  • Dirty places etc.

Dua for Protection from Jinn in Islam

To read the dua for protection from Jinn, follow this process:  Allah protects and cares for His followers. Knowing this fact, we should always ask for his protection in our dua.


وَإِمَّا يَنزَغَنَّكَ مِنَ ٱلشَّيْطَـٰنِ نَزْغٌۭ فَٱسْتَعِذْ بِٱللَّهِ ۚ إِنَّهُۥ سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ


The Dua For Protection From Jinn is: “Wa immaa yanzaghannaka minash Shaitaani nazghun fasta’iz billaah; innahoo Samee’un Aleem.”

By reciting this protection dua 1000 times after every Salah, you can seek Allah’s help to protect you from the Jinn or any other evil.

Method To Perform This Dua:

  • First, do Wudu and wear green clothes.
  • Read Aytul Kursi once with Durood Shreef.
  • To get protection from Jinn, recite,“Wa immaa yanzaghannaka minash Shaitaani nazghun fasta’iz billaah; innahoo Samee’un Aleem” 99 times.
  • End your dua by praying to Allah (SWT) To get protection from Jinn.
  • Do this continuously for 41 days.

Here Are Signs of Jinn In The House (Symptoms of Jinn In House)

As we already discussed when a jinn is at your home or surrounding you then the environment as well as your heart would be in a state of gloom and pessimistic thoughts. Having all

v Darkness and weird smells

  • Seeing snakes in the house

v Negative emotions, feeling depressed

  • Obstacles to offering Namaz or any Halal deed.

v Nightmares and overthinking

  • Doing Haram things again and again without wanting to.


These are the signs of jinn in the house. They came up with two conditions when you wake up and when you are sleeping.

The Sign Of Jinn When You Sleep

  1. If you want to sleep but cannot sleep spend hours getting sleep.
  2. Not talking for one or two times but for a period of one or two months continuously.
  3. See nightmares in the dream if you sleep for even some minutes. especially when you see animals like dogs, cats, lions, and snakes that are trying to bite you.
  4. While you sleep you grind your teeth, laugh, cry, and shout loudly making different types of sounds.
  5. You always find yourself at a very high about to fall or falling from a very high place.

The Sign Of Jinn When You Awake

  • You feel Headaches continuously. Not because of any medical reasons. you did the scan, and x-rays and took pills but nothing is working. You feel headaches so much but people find you good.
  • You feel difficulties in listening Qur’an or anything like that so he doesn’t want to hear the remembrance of Allah.
  • Laziness or daydreaming You are sitting in one place but you are not there. your body is present there but your soul and mind are somewhere else. These are the most common signs of jinn possession.


How many types of Jinns are there?

There are different categories of Jinn including Aamar, Arwaah, Shaytan, Maarid, and Ifreet.

How powerful are the djinns?

The true form of a Djinn is currently unknown because they appear invisible to humans, but have the power to shapeshift into human and animal forms to become physical. Arab lore also says that Djinn possesses superhuman speed, strength, immortality, can mimic the human voice, and can even possess humans as the demons do.


The Quran mentions that there are atheists and theists among the jinn. Some jinn may be good, while others may be harmful. It’s essential to remember that not all jinn are necessarily harmful, and they can coexist with humans without causing any trouble. Performing the dua and prayer to Allah Tala ensures our security from the eye of evil. You must foster believe in Allah Tala because his speech and promise are greater than to his creation. There is Allah who guides you in the righteous way of life.


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