Secure Dua to forgot someone

Love is a very nice and complicated thing. When two people are in a relationship they try to spend their entire lives together. But when these two get separated then it becomes very difficult for them to spend their entire life alone.

It is not easy to love another person when you have already had a breakup. When you already have a break up then it becomes really to trust another person. When our relationship ends with our lover then it becomes very difficult to forget our lover. The whole day we try to remember all the best moments that we spent with our lover.

But, it is also very important to move ahead in our lives. We can’t spend our entire life thinking about our lover. Islamic dua to forget someone you love will help us erase our lover from our minds. It is not easy to forget the person whom we have loved so much. Islamic dua to forget someone you love will help us in achieving our goal.

Islamic dua to forget someone you should be performed in a peaceful place.

Here are some steps to perform to forget someone

  1. Make sure to take a shower before this dua Perform the namaaz that you perform for everyone.
  2. You will need to recite “Allahu kafi wah nih imaal wah ala hamdoo kafiniyal omar tomas romanaty domantas godey keefe Jodi”
  3. You will need to recite this before and after performing durud shareef 3 times.
  4. Remember Allah with all your heart and soul.
  5. Ask for his mercy and power.
  6. Wazifa to stop remembering someone:-

dua to stop remembering someone’ given below

  1. First of all, wake up in the morning and offer Namaz. Now make fresh wuzu.
  2. Write your ex-boyfriend’s name on a white paper. Keep this paper in front of you.
  3. Now recite this Dua 100 times: – “Allah, I am in your shelter. You are very noble. You show everyone the way. Could you have mercy on me? May your blessings be upon me.”
  4. After reciting this dua, burn the paper. Put the ashes in the river. You repeat this Dua 100 times a day, continuously for two weeks.
  5. This Dua will automatically control your mind. You will easily forget your ex-boyfriend.

Dua To Forget Someone You Love

Dua To forget Someone you love, Many times you want to move on in life, but past instances and memories seem to haunt you and never let you move on in life.

It keeps you stuck to the event and people and never lets you make a fresh.  If you are going through such a similar situation, then you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you about the Dua to forget someone you love.

Dua, to forget someone you love, do the following for yourself

  1. Erases the memory of that person from your mind.
  2. Makes your mind busy with something else.
  3. Gives the power to control your thoughts.
  4. You feel fresh than ever.

There is a certain process of doing Dua to get over someone, which is as follows

  1. You will have to take a bath and wear clean clothes. After this, recite Durud Sharif thrice.
  2. Then read Darudre-ilm3 And read Darude-Sharif 3 times again.
  3. Then recite “Allah-huka-firwah-nihilm-val-llah ala ham-du-llahkafi-na-yalumar to-mahro-ma-niaameen,”
  4. Read this dua 300 At the end of this dua, make sure to recite Durood Sharif three times again.
  5. You have to follow the above procedure regularly for seven days without skipping any day in between. As soon as this dua is finished, you will start forgetting someone you love.

Dua For Someone To Forgot Something

To perform this Islamic dua for someone to forget something, a photo of your lover and a glass of water will be required. How To Perform Dua To Help someone to forget something

  1. First, you take a bath and after that, you have to read “Ya Wajidu” 111 times.
  2. After that, you have to recite the wazifa 21 times.
  3. Now you have to sprinkle water on top of that photo.
  4. After that, drink that water for the next 7 days.
  5. Yes friends, only by drinking water, it will start the work and will lead someone to forget something.

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